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The Full Price

Written by Anthony Coleman

Edited by Kayla Sosa

A man recalls a night spent drinking with a fellow expat English teacher whilst unenthusiastically working for The British School in Tokyo.



By James Waltz

Carcinisation is the process through which crustaceans evolve and become crabs over time. This delightful flash fiction explores carcinisation’s effects among many other life forms, particularly humans. A woman named Sybil is acutely aware and resistant to the fact that this transformation is happening to her. As she succeeds at slowing the process to fully transform into a crab, she finds love and gains a new perspective on what it means to live a truly happy existence.



By Gruffudd Watts

An author recalls a bittersweet childhood memory to define the untranslatable Welsh word, hireath.


KinkTopia Pt. 1

By Anthony Coleman

Residents of Washington County respond to the ‘Freedom to Love’ government housing initiative to repurpose Jefferson Park, an urban area overrun by disused commercial properties. Take a satirical look at how government officials accommodate a newer generation of polyamorous couples and other acts of experimental love.


The Death of Unkindness

by Gruffudd Watts, with illustrations by Iryna Komashchuk

A rebel group of young Welsh activists carry out a plot to assassinate the famous ravens that inhabit Tower of London. The return on their success is far more than they bargained in this haunted tale inspired by the myth of King Brân the Blessed.